Staying Afloat

Few things can help you out in tough times like an ally: someone in your corner, who brings decades of focused experience, knowledge, and tools to your defense.

Teaming up with Chris Davis and his team of Davis & Davis at Biloxi Bankruptcy Lawyer is your first step in casting off the anchors of debt and learning what choices you have in navigating back to solid financial ground.

Keeping the Sharks Away

As if the pressures of mounting debt are not enough, many people find them at the receiving end of harsh harrassment by relentless collections agents – keeping your phone ringing off the hook, showering you with demanding letters, and even extending their harrassment to friends, family, or places of employment.

Collection agencies will often attempt to garnish your paycheck, threaten to claim your home or vehilce to satisfy outstanding debt. Chris and his team are skilled at delivering you the best advocacy against these people and help you stop the collectors in their tracks.

Stop Foreclosure

Many people find themselves in danger of losing what little assets they may have, such as their vehicle or even their home. Living in Mississippi is especially challenging to people under heavy debt as current foreclosure law in Mississippi actually favors lenders over homeowners which puts you at risk of losing your home faster than in other states.

Acting quickly to get the advice of a professional bankruptcy lawyer in your corner is essential in making sure your home remains yours.

Chris and his team can explain to you how filing for bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure of your home, bring past-due payments on your home up-to-date, and make credit card debt & medical bills disappear!

Stop Car Repossession

You should be armed in knowing your rights when it comes to the letter of the law. Thousands of people just like you learn -with the help of a qualified bankruptcy lawyer- the limits of what creditors can get away with in repossession. If a creditor gets out of line, you may have legal recourse against them! As with stopping home foreclosure, time is of the essence in keeping your possessions out of the hands of collections – get in touch today for a free consultation in how we can help you fight back.

Stop Wage Garnishment

Another tactic that creditors and collectors resort to is wage garnishment, where they grab money right off of your paycheck if you are behind on credit card and other payments. Filing for bankruptcy can provide you with a shield, defending your money, home, car, and other assets from being taken to satisfy debts. Acting quickly to determine if bankruptcy is right for you can help this and also end the harrassing collectors from making your difficult time unbearable.

Davis & Davis, PLLC are experts in the field of consumer bankruptcy filing for South Mississippi – and while based in Biloxi, we proudly serve all of those who need debt relief and a way out of financial troubles.

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