Collection Agents Banging Down Your Door?

Like many Americans who fall behind and are struggling to make ends meet, you may find yourself the punching bag for over enthusiastic debt collectors.  Endless calls and letters, not only to you but sometimes to your friends, family, or workplace.  Debt collectors seem to believe at times that the more you call, somehow money will magically appear in your bank account.

This grinding harassment can make one of the most difficult phases in your lie that much more stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Calling the Dogs Off…

The pressures of crumbling finances are enough of a strain in themselves without loading more upon your shoulders in the form of a collector hounding you and your loved ones.  Let Chris A. Davis, Biloxi Bankruptcy Lawyer’s founding bankruptcy attorney help you understand your rights, and choices that are within your reach.

Chris will sit down with you in a no-commitment casual consultation so we can better understand your needs and gauge the best course for you and your family.  If you should decide to let Chris team up with you, you’ll find a professional, knowledgable guiding force to get you through these tough times and on to financial stability.

Crossing a Line

Many people in financial troubles find the collectors down right threatening to the degree of dangling jail time over your head – we’re here to set you straight on what collection agencies can and can not do within the bounds of the law.  In certain cases, a creditor may themselves be in violation of state and federal laws, which are designed to protect your rights and privacy.

Meet with Chris’s team and discover if you may be entitled to filing a lawsuit against those who are making your tough times even tougher.

Put an End to the Calls and Get on to a Better Tomorrow

If you are in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area -Biloxi or elsewhere- we can help you get relief from debt, stop the harassment, and help you clean the slate so you can get on a better path to tomorrow.

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