Getting a skilled and experienced Biloxi Real Estate Lawyer on your side of the table for any real estate purchase or contractual situation can greatly affect the benefits you are able to capitalize on. Whether the concern is of a personal home buying nature, commercial real estate deal, or an interest in a great investment property, Davis & Davis can leverage the proceedings in your favor.

Our Focused Services Under Real Estate Law-

Personal Home Purchasing

Buying a home is one of the most important and largest investments you will ever make. Chris A. Davis of Davis & Davis, PLLC knows the best methods to help you get the maximum return on this investment. Chris and his team helps families with their home purchases in Biloxi and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, ensuring that they keep their costs to the lowest amount possible.

When families like yours seek to purchase a home, they find themselves up against the special interests of mortgage lenders, bankers, and other settlement providers who want to tilt the process in their own favor. That means their goals can sometimes be leveraged against you and your family.

Chris and his team of home purchasing experts will ensure that the new Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), and all other governing laws are honored by these mortgage companies and lenders which will empower you -the consumer- in getting the best possible deal on your home purchase.

Commercial Real Estate Closings

Chris and his team of real estate experts know how to navigate the acquisition, disposition, and financing of real estate. Retaining Chris for your commercial real estate closing will aid you with our extensively knowledgeable experiences and keep you well advised and informed in all aspects of your transaction. Our team will be on your side when you come to the table, making sure you get the best possible terms. From structuring of the deal and thorough documentation of the purchase agreement or loan commitment, we will be with you until the title insurance policy is issued.

We work closely with other professionals, including environmental consultants, tax advisors, surveyors, and others making certain all requirements are met to your benefit and that the closing can be completed on an orderly and timely way.

Davis & Davis’s closing practice group provides a suite of services to owners, purchasers, and sellers…

• Recordation of documents
• Closing conduction
• Preparation of transaction documents
• Title insurance
• Loan commitment in depth review and negotiation.
• Total Preparation, compliance, and review of the purchase agreement

Tax Sale Confirmation

In most Mississippi counties, the department of revenue conducts a tax sale of various real estate properties where the taxes on these properties are severely delinquent. Buying a property at a delinquent tax sale can be an amazing investment opportunity. Chris’s team is skilled in guiding purchases of this type of real estate transaction, making sure you -the purchaser- fully understands your rights to the property and the best investment strategy available, as it can heavily depend upon the number of years the real estate taxes are delinquent. Contact us today and get the team of Davis & Davis, PLLC real estate lawyer on your side whether in Biloxi, or in Greater South Mississippi.

Real Estate Probate Law

Purchasing a real estate property in probate can be another excellent investment opportunity. When an individual passes away, their real estate possession(s) can often be sold off as part of the greater estate probate process. The ways to purchase these properties include auction and by direct selling.

No matter the method, Chris can make sure you make the best moves when acquiring this type of real estate purchase. As a seasoned law firm, Davis & Davis knows the best way to navigate the process of real estate probate in Biloxi and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’ll make sure you are informed of all the steps along the way and can maximize your investment.

Whatever your needs in Real Estate Law may be, Davis & Davis, PLLC has you covered. For a free evaluation of your case, call or use or contact form today!

Real Estate Law Services

Home PurchasesProtect Your Investment from the Start
Commercial ClosingsLeverage the Best Contract Possible
Tax Sale ConfirmationMaximize Your Investment
ProbateNavigate Probate Law in Real Estate

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