When Should You Make a Personal Injury Claim

When Should You Make a Personal Injury ClaimThe Personal Injury Law allows individuals to claim their loss that is caused by someone else. If you have been hit by a car and the driver was drunk, you can claim money for getting hurt or injured. That’s the benefit that Personal Injury Law provides, it makes the responsible person pay for the damage he/she caused. There are different types of incidents and accidents that come under this law. Some damages can be calculated easily like medical bills, car or property damage etc. while others like depression and psychological trauma have to be carefully examined by the court to overcome the damage.

Read on to find out when you should file for a Personal Injury claim.


You are walking on the sidewalk and a car hits you. You are severely injured and you are admitted in the hospital, paying thousands of dollars in medical bills. Personal injury law allows individuals that have been badly injured because of somebody else’s negligence to file for a claim. The amount you get in a claim depends upon the severity of your injuries and the expense of your medical bills.

Doctor’s Negligence

Another reason to file for a personal injury claim is when you are being treated carelessly by a doctor. If you were in an accident after which you had to go through a minor surgery, but the doctors were unprofessional and caused you a lot of money and health problems, you can sue them and ask for a personal injury claim. Meet a personal injury claim lawyer to make your case strong because medical malpractice cases can be tricky.

Toxic Exposure

Sometimes we get exposed to chemicals coming from industries, fall ill because of contaminated water, etc. Toxic exposures are common in today’s age as many industries are making chemical products that are extremely harmful to health. Such personal injury cases are tough because it is very hard to interpret the damage. If you are being exposed to chemical where you live or work or you used a product that caused health problems or a reaction, contact a personal injury advocates that can help you build a strong case and get you claim.

Long-term Injuries & Affects

Sometimes, an injury caused by an accident has a severe long-term impact. Such injuries may cause the victim to lose his/her job, make it impossible for them to work or study, and make them incur high medical expenses. The damage caused by these injuries can also be claimed. Under the personal injury law, a victim can claim for the missed income, medical bills, physical or emotional damage, and much more.

Harm Caused Purposely

Many times, people harm you purposely, such as in cases of assault, harassment, etc. These purposely inflicted damages are also liable for a personal injury claim.

Get a Lawyer!

If you or anyone you know is a victim of personal injury, make sure you hire an expert to deal with the case. An extremely talented professional, Chris Davis from Davis & Davis, PLLC, have years of experience, and with his help victims have a greater chance of getting a good claim from the opposing party.