Don’t Be Fooled By Debt Collectors

People with families often go under a lot of debt to pay their bills and much more. They face financial crisis and are unable to pay back the creditors. There comes a time when they start missing dates for repayment. This is when the creditors become agitated. Many times creditors are not tolerant and they continuously bug the people that have their money. The worse thing they do is start harassing and threatening people to get their money forcefully. In this case, many families and individuals get scared and give out their account details to the debt collectors or creditors.

Dealing with the Problems

To avoid problems like these, one must be aware of the law. Firstly, if you are broke and you cannot manage your debt, file for bankruptcy with the help of a trusted and effective bankruptcy lawyer. If you still face threats, abusive language and harassment from debt collectors then make sure you know the law of bankruptcy.

You Cannot Be Harassed

If the debt collectors or your creditors are verbally harassing you and calling at your phone to threaten you, then know that you have a right to send them a notice. By law, it is not allowed that a debt collector harasses you. Take help from your bankruptcy lawyer and write the debt collector a notice, telling him/her to stop.

If the debt collector doesn’t stop, you are allowed to file a lawsuit against that person. Often the debt collectors are scammers that just want to gain access to your personal information like account number and much more. Make sure you confirm that the person threatening you is a real debt collector.

You Cannot Be Arrested

If you have missed your payments, that doesn’t mean that you can be arrested. Your bankruptcy lawyer will guide you through the laws of bankruptcy and this way you’ll know that a debt collector cannot send you an arrest warrant. If you receive such a warrant, chances are that it is a scam to get the money out.

When you face this problem, don’t be scared that you are going to be arrested. Many people give out their account details to the debt collectors to avoid getting arrested. This is a huge mistake. Never give your personal information to anyone, even if you owe them money because they can misuse it.

If you received an arrest warrant, discuss it with your bankruptcy lawyer immediately. No creditor can send you an arrest warrant because they have no legal right to. You’ll get a warrant only if you disobey the court or miss the court’s order for any payment.

Debt collectors do not have the authority to harass or send you arrest warrants. Make sure you know the laws with the help of a proven bankruptcy lawyer like Chris Davis of Biloxi Bankruptcy Lawyer – contact for a no-obligation consultation today.