Chapter 7

Debtors calling, wage garnishment, risk of foreclosure? Through our free bankruptcy consultations, we show you the way out with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the answers may be easier than you think!

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Real Estate

We can help with your Real Estate Law needs in Home Buying, Commercial Closings, Tax Sale Confirmation, & Probate. We strive to get you the best return on your investment.

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Wills & Estates

Law Services helping you navigate in life and the law; Focusing on Probate, Advance Health Care Directives, Power of Attorney, and Trusts - Find out how Davis & Davis has your interests covered.

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Personal Injury

Injured through no fault of your own? We can help you in this stressful time with your Workplace Injury, Car Accident, Industrial Negligence, Medical Negligence, or Assault Claims.

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Chris A. Davis

Attorney at law

Davis & Davis not only offers help with Consumer Bankruptcy, but we also specialize in Real Estate Law, Wills & Estates, and Personal Injury.

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